10 Things That Only Pit Bull Parents Understand

But That’s Why We Love Them

Being a pit bull owner is an experience that not many would understand unless you are one. Pit bull owner have things that come up that most other dog owners don’t experience. Like people grabbing their kids and pets and running inside and locking your doors as you come walking down the street. As pit bull owners we know how great they are and how lovable the breed truly is. With the bad rap these poor creatures get I commend all you pit bull owners for ignoring the prejudice and embracing their love.

Check Out The 10 Things Below

1. That feeling when you get to the dog park and all the other dog owners pack up and suddenly leave.

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“Goiz, I just want to play.”
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2. “There is no balanced reaction to her. People either LOVE my Pit and are OBSESSED with Pits, or they are terrified and cross the street.” -Melanie, Bark & Co. Pit Bull mom.

Image via HuffPo

Image via HuffPo

3. Finding a place to live can be more difficult.
I ended up having to buy a house; I couldn’t find an apartment with a bully-friendly pet policy. When told about my American Bulldog and American Staffordshire Terrier, I got the same response: No Dangerous Breeds.

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“Home ownership can be such a drag.”
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4. They play to win.

5. They Love To Argue

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