6 Of The Silliest Pit Bull Photos You Will Ever See


Warning Laughter May Occur

As any Pit bull owners knows they are some of the goofiest and silliest dogs around. It sucks they get such a rap. But here are some of the cutest Pit bull pics around for your viewing pleasure.  Which one is your favorite?

Check out the pics below

1. Meet Darren and Phillip — BFFs and pajama bros for life!

Photo: @the_blueboys

2. This freckle nosed baby is Wilson and he’s nothing but smiles.

Photo: @wilson_the_bull

3. They’re really just big babies.

Photo: @sookpit

4. Tongues out, guns out!

Photo: @morileymoproblems

5. “Look into my eyes, human. You know you want to rub dis belly!”

Photo: @bluestaffy

6. Warning: Looking at this picture for more than five seconds will lead to extreme happiness!

Photo: @roofusandkilo

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