A Pitbull Named Blitz Saves A Womens Life

Never Fear Blitz Is Here

With all the stereotypes and bad media out there about Pitbulls being so nasty and violent towards people and other animals. Its nice to see the news showing a clip about a how remarkable and smart Pitbulls really are.

Blitz and his owner were inside their house when  they heard a women screaming for her life outside. As she opened the front door Blitz ran past her on-route to aid the screaming women. Her deranged husband had came to her house and broke in and assaulted her. He was dragging the poor women across the street when the Pitbull was able to scare the man off her. The man was later arrested.

Blitzes owner stated he is a great family pet with her and her children and would only do such a thing if someone needed help. Way to go Blitz!