A Woman’s Mission To Save Pit Bulls

Discover The Saving Slim Foundation

Below is a beautifully done video and article about a woman named Jenn Aldrige whose mission in life is to help save Pit Bulls. She started a awesome rescue named The Saving Slim Foundation and has been rescuing Pits ever since.

It so great to see stories like this out there. There are still amazing people out there doing amazing things for nothing in return. At this point she has saved numerous Pit Bulls from being euthanized and plans on rescuing as many as she possibly can. Please read and share this article. You can find out more about her wonderful foundation in the link below.

Please watch and read this

ESCONDIDO, C.A. — Slim, an ex-fighting Pit Bull, was trapped in the shelter system. After being rescued from the fighting ring, he landed in a shelter in Georgia. Although the county prohibited the adoption of Pit Bulls, Jenn Aldridge saw photos of Slim’s poor, emaciated body and decided to fly across America to save the life of this dog. and begin her journey with. Jenn Aldridge, the founder of  The Saving Slim Foundation, began working with rescues in California in 2007.

When Aldridge saw Slim’s skinny, sick body she knew she had to get him out of there. She had only three days before Floyd County would put him down, so Aldrige flew to Georgia twice — once to get Slim medical care, as he was suffering from stage-four heartworm disease, and a second time to bring him back to California to start a new life. Aldridge says that Slim hasn’t been the easiest to work with but he has taught her an infinite amount about rescuing Pit Bulls and about the darkness that is dog fighting.

Aldridge hopes The Saving Slim Foundation will focus more on advocacy and resources. Rescuing these dogs is extremely exhausting and these dogs are often with her for more than six months at a time. Aldrige is giving human education classes to inner city elementary school children regarding animal abuse and teaching them about compassion towards others.

The Saving Slim Foundation is looking for donations in order to help more dogs in need, whether it be with neutering or food. If you’d like to help, please visit The Saving Slim Foundation website for more information. You can also see updates and videos of Saving Slim’s dogs on their Facebook page

You can read full article from 3millionsdogs.com here