Couple Arrested For Breeding and Selling Pit Bulls For Fighting

There Are Some Horrible People Out There

I can’t believe people out there still think this is OK. There are a lot easier ways to make a cheap buck and don’t involve animal cruelty. Pit Bulls have a hard enough time after receiving biased media attention they don’t need sorry ass people like this training these poor loving animals to fight. This is not only cruel but gives them a even more bad rap. All they want to do is please there master. That is the only reason they are fighting. Not because it’s in their DNA but you told them too. People like this should be put away for life. Or perhaps we put these people in a ring and have them duke it out.

SEATTLE — An undercover sting operation into a Seattle dog fighting ring ended with two people in jail and a number of dogs being rescued.

Tammy Nguyen and her boyfriend, Erich Daulo, are accused of breeding and selling dogs for the purpose of fighting.

The investigation began when Animal Control officers were called to the couple’s South Seattle home after getting complaints about barking dogs being tied up in the back yard, according to police.

At least one of the dogs had scars on its face, which led officers to look deeper into the couple’s activities.

Investigators soon found a website belonging to the couple that sold pit bulls. The site claimed the dogs had bloodlines of famous fighting dogs, according to police.

Undercover officers later set up a meeting with the suspects. The officers said they wanted to buy a fighting dog, and the suspects allegedly showed them photos and videos of his dogs fighting.

Nguyen, 35, and Daulo, 30, were both arrested and the City of Seattle’s Humane Animal Law Enforcement Officers rescued five dogs that were kept in “deplorable conditions,” according to police.

Police also seized four guns, illegal dog fighting training devices, as well as $26,000 in cash.

On top of the dog fighting accusations, police say Daulo is a convicted felon and had two active arrest warrants stemming from 2008 crimes in Seattle.

“He moved back to Seattle just last month after hiding in Louisiana for the past 7 years,” police said in a Tuesday news release.

Both suspects were booked into King County Jail for investigation of animal cruelty, animal fighting and professional gambling. Daulo is also facing a charge of being a felon in possession of firearms.

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