Disabled Purple Heart Veteran Not Allowed On Bus Due To Pit bull Service Dog


What Are Some People Thinking

Unbelievable that stuff like this happens in modern day America. Where someone who fought for are country, received a Purple Heart Medal for bravery and now suffers PTSD from it all is not allowed to ride the bus because his service dog was a Pit bull. My God people. Hopefully the bus driver in question gets whats coming to him.

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When Daniel Wright left his home with his service dog, he never thought he would be denied access to basic public transportation.  Standing at a bus stop the man and his canine friend where trying to get home from school.  But when the bus pulled up to load the passengers, the driver told Wright that dogs were not allowed on the bus.  Wright explained to the driver that his dog was a service animal and was helping him with PTSD, but the driver still would not allow them on the bus.  The driver said that he did not care if the dog was a service animal or not and closed the door.  After driving away Wright was left speechless about the incident, but he wasn’t going to stay quite long.

Wright contacted the media in order to tell his story.  While being interview, Wright expressed his outrage about how he and his service dog were treated.  He explained to the person interviewing him, that he had never had problems riding the bus with his dog in the past.  Wright filled a formal complaint with the city of New Jersey’s transportation authority.

Wright served 11 years in the armed forces.  He is a retired Sargent who spent time in both the Army and the Marines.  His dedicated service to this country placed him in some very bad situations, leaving him seriously injured.  Wright was awarded a Purple Heart for his bravery.  Wright now suffers from PTSD because of that injury.  His dog, whose name is Tank really helps him deal with PTSD and Tank goes everywhere with Wright.

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