Help Save Duke And Gizmo From Certain Death!!!

Please Spread The Word To Save These Two Best Friends

A young Pitbull named Duke and his friend a Chihuahua name Gizmo desperately need your help. After who knows how long of neglect and abuse the owners of the two dogs have brought them into Animal Control to abandon them. Even after all this they still hug the owners legs wondering what is happening to them. Duke is very protective of gizmo and was put in isolation for trying to help him. Duke is now labeled a rescue only dog so his chances of not being put down are slim to none. Gizmo is ok for adoption but chihuahuas are normally hard to place in homes. In the video you can see how badly the owners treated them. Please share this with everyone you know. Maybe someone in that area of California will see it be able to save them both. Hopefully the pair since they are obviously best buddies. You’ll understand after reading the article.

Duke, the pit bull, only has two more days to live. According to a source, he has been put on the kill list. He is URGENT! Please network him.

The video of two dogs being surrendered (abandoned) by their owners at San Bernardino City Animal Control is heartbreaking. The pittie, Duke, is licking his lips and looking around nervously. He hugs his heartless owner’s legs. The owner does nothing to reassure him — how could he? He’s callously leaving both dogs to almost certain death.

Gizmo, the Chihuahua, is scared. He’s restless and moving around on his leash. When he goes behind the legs of the young girl holding his leash, she ruthlessly grabs him and cruelly drags him to her front. The small dog, frightened, cowers by his only friend Duke, the pit bull puppy.

Duke is only seven months old, and in his short life, he’s been underfed and had his ears butchered, probably by scissors. He became frightened when the shelter workers tried to separate him from his friend, Gizmo. Because he was scared and tried to protect his friend, he is now labeled “rescue only.” That means he can’t be adopted out directly to a family.

Both dogs are available at the shelter — one only to rescue. Again, they have little chance to be adopted together which is very sad. They obviously love and comfort each other.  In spite of their mistreatment, they still clung to the legs of their owner. Dogs want to love us — even if we don’t give them any reason to.

Their treatment at the shelter has made a terrible situation even worse. A volunteer who works tirelessly for the dogs wrote: “Gizmo is so incredibly sad in his kennel. Duke was thrown into an isolation kennel because he was trying to protect Gizmo.As Duke sits there cowering in a corner of a dark kennel, he can hear Gizmo crying all the way across the shelter, aching for the comfort of his friend. The shelter then slapped a “rescue only” label on Duke, nearly sealing his fate.


  • Duke (pit bull) ID number: A484090‬
  • Gizmo (Chihuahua) ID number: A484091‬
  • Facebook video page
  • San Bernardino City Animal Control
  • 333 Chandler Place, San Bernardino, CA 92408
  • Phone Number: (909) 384-1304

Rescue coordinator, Jennifer Van Ness
Kennel supervisor/RVT: Jenny Gener
Hours of operation: Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00AM to 4:30PM
Closed Sunday/Monday

Please, please, please share this article. The likely fate of these two friends is not an acceptable one.

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