Man Receives 7yrs In Prison For Fighting Pitbulls, Drugs and Guns

Seriously? I Mean Seriously?

So Dewan Nelson finally gets sentenced for a crime he committed back in Jan 2013. The crime included 67 Pitbulls he used for dog fighting, over a million dollars in cocaine and multiple guns which he had already been banned from having from another conviction in 2001.

How this still happens in this world baffles me. I cannot in my right minds figure out how a person could do this to innocent animals. Then what he did to the losing dogs in outright unacceptable and I feel he should be punished far worse than he got just for that. Not counting the other charges.

Please read this and share your thoughts

Dawan Nelson


Dawan Nelson, 33, of Houston, was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Sue L. Robinson to seven years and four months after pleading guilty to charges of dogfighting, cocaine possession with intent to distribute and being a convicted felon illegally possessing guns. His criminal record includes 2001 convictions for drugs and guns, after which he was banned from weapon possession.

Federal officials initially said Wednesday that all of the dogs seized from Nelson’s home – many with scars from fighting or torture – had to be euthanized.

On Wednesday night, however, The News Journal learned that five of the dogs were saved and have been adopted.

Investigators found evidence that Nelson killed other losing dogs by shooting or suffocating them, U.S. Attorney Charles M. Oberly III said after his Tuesday sentencing, adding that “depravity associated with dog-fighting, including the torture and execution of dogs, deserves punishment associated with such cruelty.”

“I am sickened over this,” said Lauren Ramone, founder/president of the Pit Bull Pride of Delaware rescue group.

When Delaware State Police and Delaware Animal Care and Control officers searched Nelson’s home in January 2013, they seized the dogs 33 kilograms of cocaine, two loaded semi-automatic pistols, 67 American pit bull terriers and equipment used in dogfighting and to provoke dogs to fight, authorities said.


“This was a major operation for our Shelter, and we are happy to have a sentence reflect the serious nature of dog fighting in our State and on a Federal Level,” he said, adding, “We appreciated the support we received to make this a success.”

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