Pitbull Left For Dead Tied To Railroad Tracks

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This story is straight up F@#$ed up. Police responded to call about gunshots and you never guess what they find? A Pitbull tied up to some railroad tracks left there to be ran over by a train. Not only that but the gunshots reported were also involved. Read for yourself below. What kind of low down worthless piece of human garbage would do such a thing? If they catch this person I hope they string them up by their family jewels, and use them for shark bait. Shark Week wouldn’t mind the ratings I’m sure.

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Responding to reports of gunshots, officers from the Tampa Police Department in Florida, discovered the defenseless animal tied to a railroad track, left to be struck by a train. The dog was also suffering from three gunshot wounds to her neck and shoulder, reports CNN, but amazingly she was still alive.

Sergeant R. Mills and his squad then hurried the dog, dubbed Cabela, to theTampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Center.

“She’s the sweetest,” veterinarian Jamie Davidson told CNN. “I mean she’s not angry with people. She’s not growling. She’s been really really good.”

Sadly, Cabela’s injuries will reportedly require one of her front legs to be amputated, but she is expected to recover.

The police department says the search is underway for the person behind this shocking case of animal cruelty:

Please help us by reporting any tips to crime stoppers @ www.crimestopperstb.com or call 800-873-TIPS.”

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